Our Team

Wetware is composed of artists and engineers from all across the nation. Although we each play a different role, every one of us has a passion for storytelling and creating impressionable experiences. 

Who's in Our Lab?

Meet the team that created Wetware

Satrio Dewantono
Technical Lead / Interaction Designer
Vidya Vinnakota
Character Modeler
Austin Zartman
Kevin Ke
Bob Yong
3D Animator
Maryyann Landlord
Animation Lead / Art Director
Kenae Lowry
Environmental Modeler
M. Usman Shahid
Software Developer
Eli Ayres
2D Animator
Roahith Raj
Lighting Artist
Ann Lee
Creative Producer
Fred Qiao
RIgging Artist
Ryan Anderson
Sound Designer
Erik Dumas
3D Animator
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