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A brief intro about the game world

Wetware is set in a fictional futuristic world whose technology is much more advanced than ours. Specifically, AI technology has inched closer to what can arguably be called "Artificial General Intelligence" (AI that's not limited to only learning a certain task or subject, but rather more similar to a living thing).

This grade of AI tech isn't only limited for governments or corporations, but is ubiquitous in the form of daily assistants that people interact with everyday.

The thing with life-like AI is when, if ever, do we start thinking of it as actually being alive?

The world itself is comprised of two main continents, each housing a superpower locked in bitter rivalry: The Commonwealth of Iridia and the Friscian Federation.

The game's story picks up with the two countries at war. Just like daily life in this world, war is almost entirely carried out by super-smart AI drones.

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