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Developing Character Personality

To create a clear distinction between Lindsay, Arturo, Cee, and Isaac, each character also has a special quirk that makes them unique.

Lindsay has a favorite pink clay mug she always drinks coffee out of. Her fiance left it for her before leaving for the army.

But can that warm her indifferent personality? Perhaps not so much.

What about the rest of the characters?

Isaac is a bubbly character with a heart of gold. He has a soft spot for the robot and love animals. You'll see how that plays into your interactions with him in the game.

Arturo is the wise lab director who's been around longer than anyone else. We designed him to be the neutral guide in the story whom you can always turn to for questions. Since Arturo is so old, we gave him a futuristic hovercraft to help him get around.

If you pay attention, sometimes you can catch him sleeping in the corner.

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