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"Let there be Light!"

First off, I'd like to say how grateful I am of all the working pipelines I've been exposed to because of this project. I feel that lighting is one of those steps that I never appreciated or valued enough until this experience. Not only does lighting change the entire atmosphere of a scene, it can also dictate the amount of work needed for texturing, modeling, and animation.

I started this process off by deciding a mood for each room of the lab. Since the lab is divided into 5 sections, I wanted a sort of gradient of moods from other location to the next.

Next I focused on each section of the lab and gathered reference materials that contained the feeling I wanted to show. This created a huge lighting map. I want to experiment with how shadows create geometry that drive the feeling of an architecture. (i.e. Server Room will have sharp shadows that intersect)

Now it was time to start implementing these visions and seeing how they meshed into one another. Of course I'm expecting a lot of tweaking in the engine so each room does not feel completely jarring to the next. Luckily, we've brought on a handy Lighting Artist, Roahith Raj who will be setting up the main lighting for us.

Currently, the cubicle space looks too warm and like a living room....I'm so excited to see how far the lighting enhances the project! Stay tuned for more updates!

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