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The Tablet

It's time to talk about a big part of your experience in the lab: the company-issued tablet! No good Whisperer should be caught anywhere without their tablet.

Use your tablet to check emails and important documents you'll be getting throughout the days. It also has access to the online shop where you can buy items, which is your primary way to spend the daily bonuses you get when you do a good job in the lab! Spend wisely! These items give you benefits like giving more time during the day, giving you access instantly to a secured server, or helping you get on the good sides of your coworkers.

Like a good, upstanding modern person, you always start and end your day looking at your tablet (this is actually because in early playtests people have difficulty noticing the tablet in the first place, so we thought it'd be a good idea to jam it in their face first thing).

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