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UV Complete

Finally UV Complete! 

We've all been waiting for the  wave of texture-ready models to enter the game for a while now.  Finally the UVs are completed! Our models are now ready to run through the final trek of the texturing pipeline.  One recent step I found very useful when making a game with limited time/resources is to define the types and number of materials in your world. Not only does this help in the UV process when separating parts of an object with different shader behaviors into separate UV tiles, it also gives you a more cohesive view of your world.  Unwrapping clean UVs are also extremely important to creating good light maps. ( more on lighting in the future ) 

We decided to limit the total number of Substance Painter Smart Materials to 10. 

  1.  Clay 

  2. Cardboard 

  3. Metal

  4. Acrylic/Glass

  5. Felt

  6. Ceramic

  7. Paint

  8. Paper

  9. Knitted

  10. 3D printed / plastic 

Plus 2 additional materials created only in Unreal-Engine 

  1. AR effect

  2. Emmisive 

Using this new list, I can more easily reapply and reuse Smart Materials across many assets and not feel overwhelemed by the sheer number of assets that need texturing.  Stay tuned for more UV/texture updates soon! 

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