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We Went to Festivals!

Wetware has been making the rounds!

First, about last month, we showed the game at the PixelPop Festival in St. Louis. It's a really cool event with a lot of cool people! (basically everyone :) ) Big thanks to the organizers for making such a wholesome and inclusive festival which also contained some really "out there" games!

Then last weekend Wetware was shown as part of the USC section at IndieCade! LA is kind of the game's home turf so logistics were definitely much more of a breeze.

Overall both expos have been a really fun experience! But most of all, it was also very enlightening. A weekend full of playtests is bound to give some insights, after all! We took notes and iterated over the game between the expos, and between the expo days as well.

One thing I find interesting is that we tweaked parts of the game to have a more "immediate" effect. The game overall has a slow pace, and we have been trying to adapt that to an expo setting where someone might only play it for five minutes or so: I think it's a good exercise anyway to try give more "pulls" at the start. That being said, about a third of the people who played the game spent 20-30 minutes on it - which is quite encouraging!

These festivals won't be the last for Wetware in the immediate future! We'll give more updates on where it will be shown next ;)

Also, what's your opinion on game festivals? If you've shown or went to one, what were your experiences and would you do it again? Feel free to discuss in the comments :)

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