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Worldbuilding - Inside our Characters

Worldbuilding is often one of the most important parts of creating a story or a game. Not only does it ground the reality of your story or game world, but also gives you a clearer understanding of why the world is how it is and why characters would make certain decisions.


The characters in our world went through many stages of iterations. First was our research stage, a more open-ended search for references and inspirations.

Next we iterated off of these original references and found our perfect fit between realistic and cartoony. Our concept of stop-motion animation for character's movement also informed the exaggerated proportions for our character designs.

As we iterated, the one thing that often kept their designs intact was the backstories we gave our characters in their world. Lindsay was made tall because she looks down on the Player, while Isaac was made short because he is like your little brother. Arturo is the same height as you to represent a character who is supposed to remain neutral to the cause.

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