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Wrapping Up the Look

New and Improved!


Finally we have an update on the labspace. Since the beginning we wanted to create a highly tactile world with detailed textures. The lab underwent many transformations during the design stage.

In the beginning, the lab had many hallways to navigate with a gray, militaristic look. However, we found that it was too difficult to navigate and didn't mesh with our concept. 

Next, we rebuilt the lab in a circular form, imitating the structure of a cell, with Cee as the "nucleus" in the middle. This we mentioned in a previous post. 

Finally, we revisited our initial goal of creating a tactile world and implemented that into both the textures and the entrances to rooms to achieve this new look. What do you think? 


All characters are now in the engine with their final textures! Have a look at the difference.

 Moving forward, we have to finish implimenting some features and polishing up the environment. 

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